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  • Arena Monterrey
  • Teatro Universitario / UANL Campus Theater
  • Auditorio San Pedro
  • Auditorio Coca-Cola
  • Grutas de Garcia
    Carretera No. 40 hacia Saltillo
    A 40Km. de Monterrey
  • Museo de Monterrey
    Ave. Alfonso Reyes 2202 Nte
    Colonia Bellavista
    Monterrey 64410
    Tel: 52-8-3286060
  • Palenque Expo-Guadalupe
  • Pinacoteca de Nuevo Leon
    Avenida Alfonso Reyes y Servicio Postal
    Colonia Regina
    Monterrey 64290
    Tel: 52-8-3315462
  • Fuente de la Vida o Neptuno
    Zaragoza y Padre Mier
    Zona Centro
    Monterrey 64000
  • Barrio Antiguo
    De Padre Raymundo Jardón a 5 de Mayo
    Zona Centro
    Monterrey 64000
  • CINTERMEX / Trade Shows Av. Fundidora 501, Col. Obrera
  • Museo de Arte Contemporaneo
    Zuazua y Ocampo
    Zona Centro
    Monterrey 64000
    Tel: 52-8-3424820
  • Museo del Obispado
    Rafael José Verger s/n
    Colonia Obispado
    Monterrey 64060
    Tel: 52-8-3339588
    Fax: 52-8-3339751
  • Museo de Historia Mexicana
    Dr. Coss, 445 Sur
    Zona Centro
    Monterrey 64000
    Tel: 52-8-3459898
  • Pueblo de Santiago
    Carretera Federal No. 85
    36 Km. al sureste de Monterrey
  • Cerveceria Cuauhtemoc
    Avenida Alfonso Reyes 2202 Norte
    Colonia Bellavista
    Monterrey 64410
    • Parque Plaza Sésamo, Monterrey México
      With all the characters from PBS-TV
    • Fuente de la Vida o Neptuno
      Dedicated to life, this attractive fountain is a scenic landmark for visitors.
      Attraction type: Fountain
    • Catedral Metropolitana de Nuestra Senora de Monterrey
      Taking center stage on Monterrey's Gran Plaza, this historical baroque cathedral took more than 150 years to complete during the 17th century.
      Attraction type: Place of worship
    • Basilica Parroqu
      Modern church known for its beautifully sculpted facade.
      Attraction type: Place of worship
    • Basilica de la Virgen de Guadalupe
      One of the most beautiful basilicas in Monterrey, dedicated to the Virgen de Guadalupe.
      Attraction type: Place of worship
    • Capilla de los Dulces Nombres
      The citys second oldest cathedral, dating back to 1830.
      Attraction type: Place of worship
    • Casino de Monterrey
      This French neo-classical building served as an important meeting place and cultural center back when it was first built in 1866.
      Attraction type: Architectural building
    • Cintermex
      A large exhibition hall where hundreds of companies come to display their products.
      Attraction type: Convention center
    • Iglesia de San Luis Gonzaga
      Majestic church dating back to the 19th century, best known for its simple, domed architecture.
      Attraction type: Place of worship
    • Palacio Municipal
      Sleek, modern building and plaza housing Monterreys City Hall.
      Attraction type: Architectural building
    • Paseo de Santa Lucia
      A historic street in downtown Monterrey passing through the Plaza de los 40 Años and the Mexican History Museum.
      Attraction type: Museum; Place of worship
    • Templo del Sagrado Corazon
      Neo-classical church with a columned facade.
      Attraction type: Place of worship
    • Tribunal Superior de Justicia
      Sleek, multi-storied modern building housing the state's courts.
      Attraction type: Architectural building
    • Parroquia La Natividad del Senor
      This modern church reflects the spirit of its youthful congregation.
      Attraction type: Place of worship
  • Grutas de Garcia
    Stunning and dramatic caves dating back more than 50 million years ago.
  • Cascada Cola de Caballo Bioparque Estrella
    Wildlife park featuring a drive-through safari and a children's petting zoo.

    Green, tree-lined park hosting a variety of concerts and outoor activities in the summer.
    Aviario del Parque Ninos Heroes
    A large, glass-domed aviary located in Parque Ninos Heroes, featuring hundreds of species of birds.
  • Canon de la Huasteca
    Rugged mountain great for rock climbing.
  • Grutas de Garcia
    Stunning and dramatic caves dating back more than 50 million years ago.
  • Jungle Jim
    Need some entertainment for junior while you cruise the malls? This fantastic jungle gym is located in one of Monterreys most popular malls and features stuffed animals, mazes, balls and lots of great company. A fun Playground for kids and adults.
  • Parque Canoas
    Canoe, bike or hike your way through this pleasant park.
  • Parque Ecologico Chipinque
    Wooded park on the top of a mountain overlooking the city of Monterrey; a great place to bike, hike and jog.
  • Parque Espana
    Fun, family park with rides for kids and their parents.
  • Parque Fundidora
    The park once belonged to an Iron and Steel Melting Company and now is a cultural center containing museums, concert halls and an amusement park.
  • Parque La Pastora
    Peaceful park with lakes, fountains and lots of green.
  • Presa La Boca
    Large lake contained by a dam and popular among tourists and residents alike for its watersports and fishing.
  • Parque Hundido
    A lovely park with sculptures and walking trails.
    Attraction type: Park
  • Parque Ninos Heroes
    This park with a lake, art gallery, science museum and a botanical garden.
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    For information on safety and security in Monterrey's consular district, please contact the Consulate General at 011-52-818-345-2120 and ask for the American Citizens Services Unit.