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Philadelphia / Boston / DC / Baltimore


In the mid 1950's this kid was a go'fer at hometown stations
KYW / WRCV and WPEN in Philadelphia...

Campbell memories: "I wanted to be in radio when I was in my early teens. In 1940`s I attended broadcasts of WFIL's 'Magic Lady' and WCAU's Bill Campbell Sports show...(I won a baseball bat). In the 1950's I spent many summer days at KYW with Vince Lee and Bill Givens, Jack Pyle and Bob Benson. NBC took over as WRCV...I spent Saturdays with DJ Mac McGuire mornings in the studio, afternoons restocking his 5 & 10 record bins and in the evening at his TV-3 show. In late 50's with him at WPEN. A great influence in mapping my future career in broadcasting."
See link to Mac McGuire above, with links to WRCV photos of 1956.

"I attended Emerson College and worked at WFGM in Fitchburg on the weekends-my first paid shift $25 about 15 hours. Took a bus out there on Saturday morning. Worked Saturday Night shift, slept overnight at rooming house. Breakfast special Sunday morning at 5 and 10 store then crossed street for Sunday shift Noon to Midnight. Took commuter train back to Boston on Monday morning for classes. Expenses totaled $24.75 profit was 25 cents".

WFGM Fitchburg, MA
PubShot R A Campbell, c.1959

Air Control room, c. 1959
Central MA.
WFGM Fitchburg, MA


Emerson College Boston MA
RAC afternoon classics
WERS 88.9 Classical

WERS Newsroom


STEVE YOUNG, went to CBS and CNNfn
at Emerson College

STEVE YOUNG and R A Campbell were roommates at Emerson.

Steve was announcer for the WNCN stations then became newscaster for CBS radio. Young fed news stories to Campbell at his various stations.
Young joined CNN in 1987 after twenty years at CBS News. In his later years Young was financial reporter for CNNfn in NYC.

Steve Young, died 28 April 2003 after a long battle with lung cancer.

CNN PR Photo

CNN Obituary with video of Steve on CNN.

REMEMBER, in Boston



WRC:"It's just past midnight, the start of a new day. This is Lee Dayton, won't you join me now as we usher in the first hour of the new day with the melodies of 'Time For Dreams'?" THEME: LEROY ANDERSON FORGOTTON DREAMS

REMEMBER, in Baltimore

Summer 1960, WTEL Philadelphia-PHOTOS


"WBAL Radio 1090, Baltimore...
Fall 1960,  No. Charles Street studio back to NBC's MONITOR"

WEEL 1310, Fairfax VA
Hospitality Time Saturday afternoon 1960

Worked at a few stations in DC area while attending American University & WAMU-610-AM campus station.(WEEL,WASH,WSMD,WEAM,WQMR,WHFS-Weekends, evenings, fill-in, vacations etc). Worked in 'the booth' at WTTG-TV-5 when they were in the Raliegh Hotel across the street from the FCC building. Was owned by John Kluge's Metropolitan Broadcasting (WNEW, NYC and KTTV, LA) which became the METROMEDIA empire. WTTG eventually moved to 5151 Wisconsin Ave and acquired WASH-FM from Everett Dillard (Commercial Radio Equipment Company).

Timeline of American University's WAMU

WGMS "GOING HOME" Afternoon Drivetime. OPEN THEME: POULENC'S 'Les Biches' CLOSING THEME: MENOTTI's Barcarolle from Sebastian

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