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Metropolitan Broadcasting Corporation, Washington, D.C.

In the very early years WTTG-TV was part of the DuMont network. (See gnn info site for photo of Allen B. DuMont). DuMont's Dr. Thomas T. Goldsmith (T T G) owned station, CH 5, Washington, DC. One of their popular children's programs, Captain Video, was produced at WTTG and the scenic flats were still stored in the main studio in the '60's.

R A Campbell worked at a few stations in DC area while attending American University...weekends, evenings, fill-in, vacations etc. and announced, live,  in 'the booth' at WTTG Channel 5 when they were in the Raliegh Hotel across the street from the FCC building. Was owned by John Kluge's Metropolitan Broadcasting (WNEW, NYC and KTTV, LA) which became the METROMEDIA empire. WTTG eventually moved to 5151 Wisconsin Avenue...and became a FOX affiliate.

Ellis Shook
Main studio WTTG-TV, c.1960
Live canvas shoe commercial (pre Videotape era)
Campbell sells Keds to kids

In summer of 1961 WTTG-TV needed a booth announcer in a hurry. The one they hired went to WWDC instead. PD, Ellis Shook, called GEORGE GEESEY at American University campus station WAMU (preFM days) who suggested Campbell. ...Got the job- and  worked weekends and Monday evenings (summers full time) until the station moved to Wisconsin Avenue. Alan remembers his first live spot on 'The Three Stooges'  (6PM weeknights). "It was for Bosco chocolate milk syrup...Ellis Shook was out of town and the staff hung around for a bit of fun. The 'milk' was actually milk of magnesia and the syrup would not mix...the crew was laughing as I read the teleprompter trying to mix the stuff which became zebra stripes by the end of the spot- which I think ran about 30 seconds overtime. TD was Paul Mackenzie who told me I was now initiated..good work."

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UNDER CONSTRUCTION looking for shots from this period of Matt Warren, Bill Johnson, Dick Morgan

Campbell's photographs were all taken at the Raliegh Hotel studios of WTTG in the early 1960's.

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