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Washington, DC
USAF Band, Bolling AFB


USAF Band JFK Funeral Page.....
I was working in the radio recording unit at Bolling AFB when I was asked to show a football film at the officer's club. During the showing I was tapped on the shoulder and asked to stop the film and to ask the highest ranking officer to come over. We learned that JFK was shot in Dallas and all of us were to report to our duty stations on the base. I went to my car to switch on the radio and heard HERB KAPLOW reporting about it on NBC. Later on this Friday afternoon I went to my night job at WQMR/WGAY where I was evening announcer. The station dropped music programming and went to full-time government reporting of the event. It was partially recreated on an LP [bottom of page].
I spent the entire weekend at the studios doing air reports of wire copy and feeding news stories to other stations around the country.
I was with Warner Wolf on Sunday around noon when he was reporting on the air...
we were watching NBC TV when Ruby shot Oswald and I moved a microphone to the TV set to pick up the audio action....LIVE. The news was happening faster than we could report it.
Like many others in the USAF I was part of the cordon that lined the funeral route. Watching the casket and world leaders walk by with the members of the Kennedy family. As I was standing opposite the church I could see the family and young John-John's salute to his father...and I recall thinking to myself ...someone should take a photo...this is a memory I'll tell my grandchildren about. I have found seven different photos.---RACampbell


RACampbell, AFKN Radio
1964 Seoul UN Command



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