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Four Dark Days

Coverage of the President John F. Kennedy death and funeral

Entire staff took part in air coverage and support...little if any music

A record of edited audio coverage was made and profits from sales were contributed to wife of slain policeman J D Tippet (see cover)

JFK Funeral links

Alan Campbell recalls joining WQMR in 1962, weeknights, working at the USAF Band in the daytime. (He took a 13 month military hiatus at AFKN Korea from 1964-1965).  Recalling the weekend of the JFK asassination...
"The entire weekend we fed reports to stations all around the country. A record was made of the highlights called 'Four Dark Days'. I recall being in the on the air studio with Warner Wolf who was reading wire copy. We watched NBC TV coverage as Lee Harvey Oswald was shot. Wolf adlibbed what was happening and eventually said 'we switch to live pool coverage' and I swung the RCABK1A microphone mounted on a boom to the TV speaker and picked up NBC's Tom Pettit reporting. As I recall it was Sunday around noon. Monday I was 'in USAF Blues' watching the funeral procession from the curb on Rhode Island Avenue in front of St. Matthews Cathedral.

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